Can You Homeschool And Work Full Time: Tips for Success

Can You Homeschool And Work Full Time

Many parents nowadays are considering homeschooling their children while working full time. The idea of being able to have more control over their child’s education and spending valuable time together is enticing. However, the question remains: Can you homeschool and work full time?

The short answer is yes. It is possible to homeschool your children while maintaining a full-time job. However, it does require careful planning, organization, and flexibility. In this post, we will explore different strategies and tips to help you successfully navigate the challenges of homeschooling and working full time.

Can You Homeschool And Work Full Time: Tips for Success


Maximize Flexibility

One of the key factors in successfully homeschooling while working full time is to maximize flexibility. This means finding a job that offers remote work opportunities, flexible hours, or part-time options. By having more control over your work schedule, you can better allocate time for homeschooling activities.

Embrace a Relaxed Homeschooling Style

When you are juggling both work and homeschooling, it’s important to embrace a more relaxed homeschooling style. Focus on child-led learning, where your child has more autonomy in choosing topics and activities. This allows them to learn at their own pace and gives you more flexibility in your work schedule.

Expect the Unexpected

Managing interruptions is a crucial aspect of homeschooling while working full time. Expect that there will be unexpected disruptions throughout the day. Create a backup plan for times when you can’t directly oversee your child’s learning. This could include setting up independent activities or assigning projects they can work on autonomously.

Can You Homeschool And Work Full Time: Tips for Success


Manage Interruptions Proactively

Proactively managing interruptions is key to maintaining a work-life balance while homeschooling. Communicate with your child about when you will be available and set clear boundaries. Encourage them to use tools or resources that can keep them engaged and learning while waiting for your attention.

Offer Your Attention & Presence Whenever You Can

Working full time while homeschooling can be challenging, but it also provides unique opportunities for quality time with your child. Make an effort to offer your undivided attention and presence whenever possible. This can be during breaks, lunchtime, or after work hours. Engage in meaningful conversations and activities that supplement their learning.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Open and ongoing communication is essential when balancing work and homeschooling. Talk to your employer about your homeschooling commitments and explore if any flexibility can be provided. Set realistic expectations with both your work and homeschooling responsibilities, and communicate any changes or challenges that may arise.

Outsource and Get Support

Remember, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Outsourcing subjects or seeking support from homeschooling communities can greatly alleviate the workload. Consider enrolling your child in online classes or finding homeschooling co-ops where they can learn from experienced teachers. Additionally, connect with other homeschooling working parents to share tips and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can You Homeschool And Work Full Time: Tips For Success

How Can I Homeschool While Working From Home Full Time?

To homeschool while working from home full time, maximize flexibility and embrace a relaxed homeschooling style. Expect the unexpected and manage interruptions proactively. Offer your attention and presence whenever you can, and communicate effectively. Give your child tools to use when they need to wait for your attention.

It is possible to successfully homeschool and work full time with proper planning and organization.

Can Both Parents Work And Homeschool?

Yes, it is possible for both parents to work and homeschool. It requires flexibility, a relaxed homeschooling style, proactive management of interruptions, and effective communication. Parents can also outsource subjects and seek support to make homeschooling while working full-time more manageable.

Do I Have To Quit My Job To Homeschool?

No, you don’t have to quit your job to homeschool. You can be a great homeschool parent whether you work or not. It’s a big decision that depends on what you and your family need and want. It is possible to homeschool and work full-time with proper organization, communication, and support.

How Do I Unschool While Working Full Time?

To unschool while working full time, maximize flexibility and embrace a relaxed homeschooling style. Manage interruptions proactively and communicate with your child. Set up times to do activities together and organize fun things for them to explore independently. It’s possible to homeschool and work full time with proper planning and support.


In conclusion, while it may be challenging, it is possible to homeschool your children and work full time. With careful planning, organization, and flexibility, you can create a harmonious balance between your work and homeschooling responsibilities. Embracing a relaxed homeschooling style, managing interruptions, and outsourcing certain subjects can greatly contribute to a successful homeschooling journey.

Remember, each family’s situation is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Assess your priorities, resources, and support system to determine the best approach that suits your family’s needs. Homeschooling while working full time may require some sacrifices, but the rewards of witnessing your children thrive academically and enjoying valuable time together are immeasurable.

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